NSPIRE (Necessary Support to Prevent, Intervene, Reduce and Eliminate HIV-related Health Inequities) is NAESM’s response to information released at CROI (Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections) 2016. According to the CDC, if current HIV diagnoses rates continue, about 1 in 2 black men who have sex with men (MSM) in the United States will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetime. 

NSPIRE is intended to: Assess, acknowledge and address systematic, structural, personal (emotional, spiritual, physical, familial, mental and or literacy) and social factors that serve and or may serve as barriers to viral suppression. This also may include life achievements; post diagnosis. NSPIRE will stand true to its mission, which is to connect newly diagnosed HIV positive YMSM between 17-24 years of age with supportive mentors to help them on their road to viral suppression. On their path to viral suppression and other healthier styles of living, a mentor that resembles a healthier lifestyle will accompany the individual as they learn to adopt refined behaviors.


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If you have any questions about NSPIRE or are interested in becoming a mentor, feel free to contact Damon Johnson at (404) 691-8880 [ext. 46] or by email at damonj@naesm.org.